Stay healthy with joy!

Prevention rethought

To promote prevention and health in everyday life, we develop innovative and sustainable offers for people in all situations.

With the 3D posture analysis and various exergames, we rely on the latest technology.

An overview of our products:

Posture Analysis

The 3D posture analysis recognizes the sitting behavior, provides exercises and long-term support with individual online coaching.


The exergames bring movement into everyday life and promote a healthy lifestyle. We already have a demo game to try.

Back pain is the most common type of pain and by far the most
expensive widespread disease (Federal Statistical Office)

Back pain is the second most common diagnosis
for absenteeism from work.

On average, Germans sit 10-15 hours a day
(Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

The first back school "Svenska Ryggskola" was established
by Zachrisson-Forssell in 1969 at Dandery Hospital
(Stockholm, Sweden).

There is no muscle in our body that is stressed in a sitting
position in the way it was originally intended to function.
We have no sitting muscles!