The Ergoscreening: The first 3D posture analysis for the office

Ergoscreening measures posture directly at the workplace.
A holistic concept of analysis, as well as individual tips and exercises, supports the elimination of poor posture and ensures a healthier sitting posture in the long term.

Sit healthier in 3 steps:


1. Measurement

Place the Ergoscreening device on your monitor and register quickly and conveniently using the device ID. The data is transmitted online so that the device does not require complex installations. Within 2 days, a noiseless 3D sensor records your sitting posture at the workplace. You can continue your work processes as usual.


2. Posture Report

After the measurement, you will receive your individual posture report. The most common sitting postures are evaluated, analyzed and visualized in an appealing way for you. You will also receive selected tips and exercises for ergonomic sitting behavior.


3. Online-Coaching

You will also have access to our online coaching. With this you strengthen your back, gain knowledge about the topic of "healthy sitting" and achieve a sustainably healthier posture in everyday life. You can carry out the exercises directly at your workplace or call them up on the go - this way you remain flexible in terms of time and location.

How it works


The integrated depth sensor detects distances in three-dimensional space and thus calculates a depth image of the measuring environment.

The depth image determined in this way in the form of point data serves as the basis for our algorithms to recognize your sitting posture.


Based on the depth data transmitted by the sensor, the built-in single-board computer calculates selected body points directly in the device in real time.

These are sent to us in Hamburg as encrypted 3D coordinates (x/y/z) via an integrated SIM card and visualized as a seating position using trained algorithms

Innovation in the workplace