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ergofox research: PriviLEG

Together with the FZI Research Center for Information Technology and corvolution GmbH, ergofox is investigating privacy mechanisms for the self-determined handling
of medical data within the framework of company health management.

What: The aim of PriviLEG is to research and test privacy mechanisms for screenings in company health management. These mechanisms allow the employees themselves to control which health data is available to the employer via the data trustee of the health application to control preventive measures in the company.

Who: PriviLEG is a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the "KMU-innovative: Information and Communication Technology" measure in the technology area "Communication Systems, IT Security".


Were you also surprised by the result of your measurement and are now wondering how you should sit best? The keyword is active sitting. Active or dynamic sitting, i.e. frequently changing between different sitting and standing postures, is the healthiest way to organize everyday life in the office.

Therefore, we are currently developing the Active Sitting Score. For the first time, this will make it possible to qualitatively measure the dynamics of sitting and thus make reliable statements about how dynamically you sit.


With the support of the federal computer game funding agency, we are currently designing an exergame that will be used to prevent back pain and obesity.

Function: A body-tracking-config-engine for game control based on body point recognition enables accurate tracking of body movements. 

What to expect: You can be looking forward to a game that leads the user through an exciting and lively European cultural landscape. Explore well-known places in Europe with specialized exercises. Culture and movement – combined with fun.