The revolutionary way to a healthy sitting posture at work!

The ergofox posture analysis for the office workstation is the result of the latest technology, combined with machine learning. It supports the elimination of incorrect posture and ensures a sustainably healthier sitting posture.

All in all, our Ergoscreening is an individual, comprehensive and personalized offer that enables participants to improve their posture and prevent back problems - all in a DSGVO-compliant manner.

How it works.

An infrared sensor uses an algorithm to detect important body points (e.g. shoulders, sternum, etc.) and measures their position in space. The coordinates are transmitted via an integrated modem to a server located in Germany for evaluation. There they are analysed by another algorithm. This machine-learning algorithm is used to evaluate the participants postures and generate individual posture reports.

The data transfer from the ergofox device to the server is done via an encrypted connection to ensure the security of the data and to protect the privacy of the participants. The transmitted data corresponds to pure text information, i.e. only the coordinates of the points in the room are transmitted, but not the depth data itself, as these are already processed in the device. 

3 steps to a healthier sitting behavior

We spend a large part of our day sitting - whether in the office, at home or on the road (see Fig. 1). But sitting for hours on end leads to physical complaints in the long term, such as tensions, back pain or even postural problems. This makes it even more important to pay attention to a healthy sitting posture. With our Ergoscreening, you can improve your sitting habits as well as your health in 3 steps.


Figure 1. A typical working day with a sitting time of 12 hours.

Step 1: Measure - 2 days directly at the workplace

To identify your individual posture problems, the first step is a measurement directly at the workplace. For this purpose, we offer Ergoscreening, a plug-and-play system that can simply be placed on the screen and started. The measurement is using only 3D depth data to protect your privacy. The measurement usually runs over a period of two days, so that a comprehensive picture of your sitting habits can be created.

Step 2: Understanding - individual posture report

After the measurement, you will receive an individual posture report from us that illustrates your sitting postures. Using a 3D model (see Fig. 2), we will visualize your postural imbalances and recommend individual tips and exercises to improve your sitting posture.


Figure 2. A 3D visualization of a sitting posture.

Step 3: Optimize - Online Coaching 8 weeks

In order to establish a healthier sitting posture in the long term, we offer you an 8-week online coaching. In addition to theoretical knowledge about healthy sitting posture, you will also find practical exercises as well as useful tips and tricks that you can integrate into your daily work routine.

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