movement fun!

The movement games with health goals, so-called exergames, are fun and good for your health. Our new generation of digital prevention offers focus on fun, physical activity and variety.

The exergames (exer = exercise) are controlled with the body and focus on the joy of movement.


Ergogames are not only gaining increasing interest in rehabilitation. No wonder, because the main thing here is to have fun while moving. Unlike most previous providers whose systems are based on a 3D sensor, our team is currently developing an exergame that works with any integrated computer or mobile phone camera. Ready to crack your own high score and thus playfully ensure more movement in everyday life? 

Here's a little preview:

How it works

Web camera

All you need is a conventional webcam.
Your movement is captured by the webcam and transmitted to the game character. Depending on the game, different movements are needed to control the game.


Our ergogames run in the browser, nothing needs to be installed. Depending on the game, the upper body or the entire body is captured so that you can play while sitting or standing. Various devices can be used, from the laptop to the TV screen or the "Digital Movement Station".


ergogames - the new active break

Experience a revolutionary way of organising work breaks with ergofox! With ergogames, we offer a completely new possibility for an active break at the workplace. Boring coffee breaks and video exercises are over - combine playing and moving and make your break the highlight of your working day.
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ergogames - playful exercise at home

You want to move more at home, but video workouts are too monotonous for you? With our ergogames@home you can combine playing and moving and turn your living room into an oasis of movement.
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ergogames - for health insurance companies

Are you looking for something new? Do you want to offer your policyholders and the companies you support something special that goes beyond video workouts? Do you have a special target group in mind that you want to address?
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ergogames - for R&D projects

We are currently involved in two R&D projects and are working on further concepts for the areas of rehabilitation and prevention, among others. Do you have a project idea and are looking for further partners?
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