Our Team

Our international team consists of specialists from a wide range of disciplines and thus enables the joint development of high-quality, innovative and at the same time creative solutions for health in the workplace. Together we constantly create new ideas to modernize the digital health sector with fun, know-how and a hands-on mentality. Get to know us!

Alex Woroschilow

Alex is a qualified bioinformatician and our technical universal talent. He has a solution ready for everything and an innovative idea at hand. As CTO and co-founder of ergofox, he coordinates the IT area, but prefers to program himself.

Rashadat Mirzayev

Rashadat is currently studying Information Engineering and supports us in the field of web development as part of an internship. He is currently expanding his knowledge, especially in the context of front and backend development.

Jannis Konietzky

Jannis is our key account manager. As a fitness economist, he takes care of sales and marketing, but also likes to share his ideas for problem solving and further development. He is also currently working on his foosball skills in order to one day be able to defeat Alex.

Laura Röhrs

Laura is our product manager and sports science specialist. In addition to product and content development, customer support is also on her to-do list. She's always available for new ideas, but she never shows up at the foosball table.


Our CEO and co-founder Johannes provides the know-how and experience in the field of business development and digital health promotion. He keeps an overview, designs the sales area with Jannis and drives us forward with his constructive impulses.

Mariana Sousa

Mariana is our designer with an eye for detail. Creativity and commitment probably describe their working day best. She supports us from afar and brings some Portuguese flair to the team.


Lina is currently studying game design and supports us in the area of game development and design as part of an internship. She is currently working on a future character and behavior in the game.

Rene Bohnsack

As a professor for strategy and innovation at the Católica-Lisbon, René works together with Alex and Johannes on the strategic orientation of ergofox. Operating from the background, René provides new ideas for the future direction.